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Stephen Arnold Music Creates New Music for Comcast Network

Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) of Dallas has created new music for CN8—The Comcast Network. The music will be used in a series of branding and image spots to strengthen CN8’s identity. The company’s client for the project was Joe Keefe, its director of creative operations.

“I was seeking some new music with a classic rock, live feel,” Keefe says. “Stephen Arnold Music took the essence of that idea to a whole new level and created something completely original. They delivered four different music ID spots—one each for sports, lifestyle, primetime and entertainment. Along with our new graphics, the music behind the IDs has a distinct and unbelievable sound. They did an awesome job.”

“CN8 wanted to do something very different from what they had been doing previously,” says SAM’s creative director, Chad Cook. “We moved them away from the more atmospheric, almost world music feel that we had been creating for previous image spots on their behalf. Instead, we decided to go for an almost classic-rock sound with all live instruments. We created several themes, all of which are bound together by this classic rock sound and [an] Echoplex guitar effect.”

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