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Stephen Arnold’s new studio, located in Santa Fe, N.M.

Stephen Arnold Music has opened a new, state-of-the-art audio recording and post facility in Santa Fe, N.M.

The new Santa Fe studio is located on three acres overlooking the Sangre de Christo Mountains on one side with the Jemez Mountains on the other. The site features a 500-sqare-foot control room, designed to mimic the one in the company’s Dallas location. In this way, projects can be worked on at any stage in either location. Additionally, the new Santa Fe facility also features four bedrooms and baths to accommodate clients.

The new site has a 48-track RADAR V direct-to-disk recording system, complemented with a Yamaha DM-2000 digital mixing console and a Sound Construction custom desk. With 96 inputs, the system allows a good deal of flexibility, allowing Stephen Arnold Music’s composers to include all of their synthesizers, studio room inputs, Radar 48 and a 24 channel RME HDSP audio interface that can internally routed anywhere without the need of an external patchbay.

Stephen Arnold Music’s head engineer Paul West and creative director Chad Cook both plan to spend about 25 percent of their time at the new location, and 75 percent at the company’s Dallas headquarters. Arnold will do the majority of his composing in Santa Fe as well.

Recent Stephen Arnold Music projects which were produced in the new Santa Fe location include three new “image” songs for the CBS affiliate in New Orleans, with tracks written in Santa Fe, tracking done in New Orleans, overdubs done in Dallas, and the final mix done back in Santa Fe. Also, the company’s recent contributions to CNN Hadline News, under the new “Headline Prime” programming block under the direction of JT Cantwell of CNN, were also produced in Santa Fe.

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