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Stephen Marsh Mastering Welcomes The Donnas

Producer/engineer Jay Ruston visited Stephen Marsh Mastering in Hollywood with The Donnas and their manager, Joey Minkes, to master the band’s new album, titled Bitchin’, with chief mastering engineer Stephen Marsh. The album, the band’s seventh release, was released through the band’s Red Eye–distributed label, Purple Feather.

In addition to the CD and online release, a double-vinyl pressing featuring two additional tracks is also available.

“When it came time to format the release for vinyl, it became obvious there was too much material for a single disc, and too little for a double,” Marsh says. “The ladies had a couple album B-sides that were really strong and they decided to add them to the vinyl package, rather than cut the number of songs down to fit a single disc.”

Marsh’s other recent activities included album mastering for Urbantone Records artists Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds with producers Greg Chapman and Larry Goetz; tracking was handled by Goetz at his Los Angeles studio The Lair. Marsh also knocked out a new six-song EP for indie rockers Esquimaux with producer/musician James Sajor. This is the second of three releases Marsh is mastering for the bicoastal band, based in Los Angeles and Baltimore.

Marsh opened his new mastering boutique at the historic Radio Recorders complex in Hollywood in April of this year. Joining Marsh at the facility is mastering engineer Stephanie Villa. For more information, visit