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A Studer for Sound 4

A 52-fader Studer Vista 8 digital audio console has been installed into BBC Radio & Music’s new flagship outside broadcast vehicle, Sound 4.

At nearly 45 feet long, Sound 4 is about as large a vehicle as the European roads will legally carry. Onboard, the main control room featuring a Studer Vista 8 digital desk takes up the central space, with an apparatus room at one end and a five-person-capacity fully soundproofed studio at the other.

The Sound 4 vehicle is the achievement of coachbuilder W.H. Bence and system integrator dB Broadcast. Designed to meet a very tight acoustic specification, several innovative features have been incorporated into the truck’s audio facilities. The Vista 8 is capable of sliding forward or backward approximately two feet, enabling producers and engineers working in different programming genres to improve their listening position by adjusting the console’s distance from the monitors.

A custom-built switching panel controls the cross points on the desk, routing them to separate outputs for the variety of different recording devices that can be used on the truck. This remote-control facility allows changes to be made to patching without disturbing the desk operator.

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