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Studio For Sale: Citycabin, Minneapolis, Minn.

Citycabin, a home studio owned by Alex Oana, is for sale. A “house of music” for more than 30 years, the space once housed Twin/Tone Records and has welcomed clients such as The Replacements, Soul Asylum, Husker Du, Spymob and many more.

The studio’s live room features double wall construction on all sides, original 1918 hardwood floors and 1970s wood walls. The studio also includes a carpeted, partially separated recording booth and a soundlock between the control room and live room.

The control room was acoustically modified in 1999 with multilayer, double wall, nonparallel absorption and diffusion around the mix position including three vertical feet of bass trapping overhead.

The rest of the house offers three bedrooms, one bathroom, dining room, lounge, gas stove, private deck, basement, laundry facilities and ample parking.

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