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× Opens New Suite

The control room, complete with StudioPanel acoustic treatments, a San Francisco Bay Area-based electronic game audio production studio, recently completed construction on its new tracking and production rooms.

A total of 102 of MSR Inc. StudioPanel acoustic treatments are used in the production rooms, including 80 panels in the tracking room alone, 64 of which are paired so that they can be rotated to alter the sound signature of the room. The 17x13x9.75 live room, designed by Performance Media Industries, is equipped with Hear Technologies’ Hear Back personal monitoring system.

The 12x13x8.5 control room features a Pro Tools 5.1 workstation centered on a 3-LCD display “cockpit,” as well ample outboard equipment. The control room is also outfitted with 22 StudioPanel units.

“I am excited to provide important new services to game audio producers and developers in the Bay Area,” says owner/principal and resident engineer Jory Prum. “In the past, it was very challenging for producers to find a recording studio that understands the idiosyncrasies of game development and specializes in sound for games. A large percentage of game audio producers work in a tiny sound editing suite with little or no access to a quality recording and mixing environment. has solved this problem for its clientele.”

Prum has worked on more than two-dozen games for industry leaders such as LucasArts, BioWare, EA/Maxis and Sony/989 Sports. With more than a decade of experience in audio production, including several dozen motion pictures, Jory has also been involved on three Academy Award-winning films: Pixar Animation Studio’s For the Birds, Sophia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, and Spike Jonez’ Adaptation.

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