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Surround Music Award Honorees Herbie Hancock and BT Broadcast Online

Coding Technologies, a provider of audio compression software for broadcast, mobile and Internet, announced that 5.1 broadcasts featuring artists BT and Herbie Hancock are now streamed on the Internet, launched with the recent Surround Sound 2004 conference. Hancock, winner of the 2004 Surround Pioneer Award, will have his tutorial session broadcast live. BT, winner of the 2004 Surround Maverick Award, has a broadcast featuring selected tracks.

The broadcasts, available at, are encoded in 5.1 MPEG aacPlus using Orban Opticodec-PC. The live and archive feeds are distributed via America Online’s Shoutcast media platform and can be experienced online using the latest version of Nullsoft Winamp. At 160 Kbps, these streams match the quality of AC-3 used in DVDs but at less than half the bit rate.

“I think surround sound is one of the most exciting technologies available to composers and everyone working in the medium of sound today,” said BT. “It gives composers and listeners a greater ability to connect with one another making listening to music a much more involved experience than is typical with stereo. After my experiences with writing and mixing in surround sound, there is absolutely no going back for me.”

An index of the broadcasts is at Both broadcasts will be available as an archive loop throughout September.

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