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Symetrix Cleans Up Jazz in Valley

For the past 10 years, Ellensburg, Wash., hosted “Jazz in the Valley,” where front-of-house engineer Mike Bruce employed Symetrix’s Deuce 722 digital signal processor. Bruce replaced six rackspaces of analog processing with the 2-input/2-output Deuce 722, which sat between his 24-channel Soundcraft console and a bank of Crown MacroTech amps. He used his laptop and Symetrix software to design a straightforward chain of processes—including EQs, a compressor, a limiter and a de-esser—from a much larger selection of processes included to solve problems in almost any conceivable pro audio scenario.

Bruce reported that the sound was noticeably better this year. “Great sound on an outdoor stage is a combination of 10 different things, not the least of which is weather,” he says with a laugh. “So I can’t give all the credit to the Symetrix Deuce 722, but it was obvious to me that the 722 cleaned up a lot of the muck that was so characteristic of the old analog rack. On top of the great sound, the 722 was a lot easier to get up and running. I’m used to twisting a lot of knobs, but just a few mouse clicks did the trick.”

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