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SynAudCon’s Web-Based Training Sales Continue to Grow

SynAudCon reports that its Web-based training sales increased by 15 percent in 2013. SynAudCon offers five courses: How Sound Systems Work, Principles Of Audio, Transformer-Distributed Loudspeaker Systems, Audio Applications—System Optimization and Equalization and Sound Reinforcement For Designers.

Each course includes a series of lessons and quizzes that make sure the materials are processed and understood. Graduates receive a certificate of completion and the courses are approved for Continuing Educations Units (including RUs). Each course includes a one-year membership to SynAudCon which provides access to blogs, articles and online conversations with other audio professionals.

“We contribute the success to four major things: people are more receptive to Web-based training, the multimedia presentation, the flexibility, but more importantly, the students retains a high percentage of the information,” says Brenda Brown of SynAudCon.

The SynAudCon Web-based training is headed up by Pat Brown, who uses the educational methods he has found work best after years of teaching their popular in-person training. The courses include animations, graphics and sound, analogies, interactive calculators, and scenarios that make learning fun and effective.

“The convenience of web-based training consistently ranks high on our evaluations,” adds Brenda Brown. “Participants can take the training when it works for them. Students have up to 45 days to complete the course. They can repeat lessons as often as needed to fully grasp the principles.

“The following question is on our evaluation: ‘I believe that I will retain ____% of the information that’s presented.’ Average answer is 80%. Many put 90%. We are extremely pleased with these numbers. This is a higher percentage than most of the research that is published on retention using seeing and hearing.”

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