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TASCAM 3.10 Gigastudio

Tascam has announced Version 3.10, a free upgrade to the GigaStudio 3 sampling software, adding features and functions and increasing the functionality of the sampling package.

GigaStudio version 3.10 adds new iMIDI templates, iMIDI rules and other features. The Stack Instrument Selection feature allows users to assign keyswitches to swap sounds on a MIDI channel during a performance, exceeding previous limits on the number of Dimensions possible. Version 3.10 also adds drag & drop creation of GigaPulse presets, user interface enhancements, new comprehensive keyboard shortcuts and more. The release will be available for download at in early June.

In related news, Sonic Implants is set to release a new library collection that harnesses the new functions and functionality of GigaStudio 3.10: The Complete Symphonic Collection. Sonic Implants worked closely with TASCAM to develop this library and takes advantage of the new GS3.10 features.

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