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TC Electronic Announces Clarity X Monitor Controller

Clarity X is Designed for Consistent, Intelligible Mixes, Complete Monitor Control

TC Electronic is introducing Clarity X at the 2015 NAB show in Las Vegas (Booth #C463) as well as at Musikmesse in Frankfurt (Lobby, Hall 4.2). Clarity X is a multi-format monitor controller that works with any professional loudspeaker. It comes with a small-footprint remote control, measurement microphone and a full range of meters that are designed to aid in making the best mixing decisions.

Clarity X offers a suite of metering tools, including a loudness-based Stereo Deviation Meter that reflects how well a surround mix will translate into stereo. Other meters include a new Center Ratio meter displaying the balance between the center channel (typical dialog) and the other channels in a surround mix, the new LM8 Loudness Radar Meter with 7.1 surround support, true-peak meter, SPL meter and a dose percentage meter.

Any monitor with digital or analog inputs can be connected to Clarity X, which comes with AES inputs and outputs, and can be expanded with MADI I/O as well. It is possible to connect a 5.1 or 7.1 surround set of monitors as well as two or more different stereo sets, or two complete 5.1 or 7.1 sets without expanding with MADI. For surround setups, Clarity X offers full bass management control as well as solo/mute functionality for each speaker in the system.

The small-footprint remote control offers hands-on control of the most important monitor control functions as well as a row of user-definable function keys that can be programmed to suit any workflow.

TC Electronic’s Radar Loudness Meter has been upgraded for Clarity X and now offers full 7.1 surround support. Like its predecessors, LM8 features the innovative loudness radar that shows short-term (S) loudness over time, two user-definable parameters such as Program Loudness (I) and Loudness Range (LRA) and a full-fledged true-peak meter. LM8 also offers a detailed statistics page with valuable information for further evaluation and documentation if that is required.

TC Electronic introduces SPL measurement technology that works without a microphone (patent pending). This functionality enables Clarity X to gather essential information about the SPL the engineer is being exposed to over time, which may be displayed conveniently in the percentage of max safe sound dose.

Clarity X includes a dedicated dose meter that informs the user of potentially harmful sound exposure on a daily or a weekly basis.

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