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TC Electronic Introduces Reverb 8 for System 6000 MKII

TC Electronic’s Reverb 8 multichannel reverb offers a new reverb algorithm for TC Electronic’s System 6000 audio processing platform. Reverb 8 is compatible with the System 6000 MKII mainframe only. A single System 6000 MKII frame is capable of running two Reverb 8 instances, delivering 16 output channels of realistic sounding space. For a higher channel count, multiple System 6000 MKII frames can be linked in a network, offering reverb for virtually any channel-count.

Reverb 8 may be fed with any input signal—mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, etc.—and deliver to an infinite number of output channels suited for Dolby Atmos (up to 62.2 surround), Barco Auro (11.1 surround) or NHK’s multichannel broadcast format Super Hi-Vision (22.2 surround).

Extra discrete channels also offer the possibility of conveying spaces more realistically than before, but only if the new channels are not devoted to simple matrix processing or phantom imaging. TC Electronic states that Reverb 8 offers the ability to add “wild and imaginative spaces” to a mono source.

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