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TC Electronic PowerCore Compact, Character

TC Electronic introduces PowerCore Compact, a lightweight and portable hardware platform with FireWire ports and 12 plug-ins, along with the new Element and FireWire bundles.

In addition to the nine standard included plug-ins for the PowerCore platform—two types of reverb, two types of compressors/limiters, a chorus/delay, a parametric EQ. a synthesizer, a complete voice channel and a guitar amp simulator—PowerCore Compact comes with the new Character™ plug-in from Noveltech, the dual “analog” filter bank Filtroid, and Master X3, the virtual incarnation of the TC Electronic Finalizer™.

PowerCore Compact is expandable via optional plug-ins from TC Electronic, Sony Oxford, Access Music and others. Compact comes with a 266 MHz PowerPC and two 150 MHz Motorola DSPs each with 512 Kb Ram, and connects to computers via FireWire connectors. Multiple PowerCore Compacts can be combined with each other or with several PowerCore FireWires and/or PowerCore Elements for even more power.

PowerCore Element comes with nine plug-ins, and PowerCore FireWire includes 14 plug-ins in total.

The additional plug-ins in the new PowerCore FireWire bundle will be available free of charge for existing users beginning October 1st via

MSRP: PowerCore Element, $645; PowerCore FireWire, $1795; PowerCore Compact (to ship at the beginning of October), $995.

In other TC news, the company announced that Communication Resources Inc. will represent TC’s five product lines in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and southern Illinois.

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