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TC Electronic announced Restoration Suite 2, an update which includes the new DeThump plug-in. Restoration Suite for PowerCore offers all of the key components required to restore vintage or otherwise damaged recordings, from broadband noise reduction to click or scratch removal. With the new 2 update, Restoration Suite includes five real-time plug-ins: DeScratch, DeNoise, DeClick, DeCrackle, and now DeThump, which can be used with any VST, AU or RTAS compatible audio system. Restoration Suite 2 will be available later this month for $1,495 MSRP. The upgrade will be free of charge for existing users via the TC web site.

The new DeThump plug-in enhances the restorative aspect of Restoration Suite by resolving impulsive errors up to 12000 samples in length without audible artifacts. DeThump is designed to eliminate low-frequency pulses that typically occur with strong impulse disturbances in LP recordings. The aim of the DeThump algorithm is to find the waveform estimate of the thump and eliminate it by subtraction. Together with the four existing plug-ins of the Restoration Suite, DeThump significantly improves the process of removing strong clicks in damaged audio material.

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