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TC-Helicon VoiceSolo

TC-Helicon’s VoiceSolo compact vocal monitors mount on standard microphone boom stands. The range comprises the passive VSM-200P monitor ($275), the active VSM-200 monitor ($420) and the active VSM-300 (pictured) with advanced connectivity and personal mix controls ($560). All three VoiceSolo monitors are now shipping.

The VoiceSolo monitors feature a custom-designed true point-source driver and rugged cast-aluminum enclosure, which offers multiple mounting options. The VSM-200 and VSM-300 are equipped with a 150-watt BASH™ amplifier, volume control and mic/line input. In addition, the VSM-300 comes with a high-quality I/O box with mic in, stereo instrument, aux and splits, as well as front-mounted personal mix controls including the SHAPE tone circuit that provides studio microphone tone to a typical live microphone.

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