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Telex Pro Audio Holds Mic Seminars in Toronto

The BLUE Cardinal gets a workout at Telex Pro Audio’s recent mic seminar

Telex Pro Audio Group recently held two professional microphone seminars at McClear Digital recording studios in Toronto, Ontario, which covered the Electro-Voice, BLUE and Electro-Voice/BLUE lines of recording and live microphones.

Led by Tony Price, Director of Business Development/Wired/Wireless Microphones and Assistive Listening, (Electro-Voice/EV/BLUE) and HEK Marketing’s Greg Hansen, the seminars brought live sound and recording professionals together for in-depth recording and listening. The seminars were also co-led by producer/engineer Johnny K. (Disturbed, Three Doors Down, Soil, Machine Head) of Groovemaster Studios in Chicago, Ill. Johnny K. was on hand with Three Doors Down’s release Seventeen Days and Finger 11’s eponymous album to explain how he achieved certain sounds with the microphones being tested at the seminar.

Concerning EV mics, Johnny K says, “I [use] the EV RE20 on tons of different stuff in the studio and I also know how well their live microphones perform. With regards to the BLUE mics, I’ve used them all. Personally, I really think the MOUSE is one mic to have for a multitude of different uses.”

For more information on McClear Digital, a leading Toronto facility since 1979, visit