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TerraTec Producer AXON AX 50 USB

TerraTec Producer is now shipping the AXON AX 50 USB ($549) guitar-to-MIDI controller, which is based on the AXON AX 100 MKII. AXON AX 50 USB promises easy operation and new connection options for electric and acoustic guitarists, bassists and violinists.

Users can control an external instrument and up to four software synths at once. The new unit offers MIDI In/Out/Thru and a USB port that provides four additional virtual MIDI ports. With its 32-bit RISC processor, the guitar-to-MIDI controller incorporates the company’s patented Early Transient Recognition (ETR) system for immediately translating string vibrations and sending information about pitch, dynamics and tone duration to the connected MIDI sound generator. AXON AX 50 USB lets players divide fingerboards and strings into up to 12 zones. It has a 7-segment display, and also includes a built-in tuner and a software editor for Mac and Windows.

The AXON AX 50 USB is also packaged with TerraTec Producer’s WAVE XTABLE VI multitimbral soft synth, which offers 128 General MIDI compatible sounds, integrated effects and nine drum kits based on Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player. WAVE XTABLE VI is compatible with Audio Units, VST, DXi and RTAS, and also operates as a stand-alone application.

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