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Threshold Sound Masters iTunes Originals

Longtime KCRW radio personality Chris Douridas enlisted Stephen Marsh, director of mastering for Threshold Sound + Vision in Los Angeles, to complete a string of digital album titles for Apple’s iTunes Music Store dubbed iTunes Originals.

Featuring a range of artists from The Black Eyed Peas to Death Cab For Cutie, the iTunes Originals concept allows each artist to tell their story through not only through music and song, but words and memories. Marsh elaborates, “Each title consists of an artist interview, album selections and live-in-studio performances by the artists, often acoustically. Once all the material is recorded, Chris edits the interview for placement, I master and assemble all the pieces and then they go up to the iTunes Store as Digital Album Downloads.”

The recently released Melissa Etheridge “Originals” Digital Album found a place on the Billboard album chart, indicating positive response from music fans. Marsh adds, “The special artist performances have an obvious appeal, but the interview is really what allows these sets to stand apart as something unique, Chris has a remarkable talent for getting great interviews.”

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