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Token Creek Mobile Television Installs Calrec Sigma Console

Token Creek Mobile Television Inc., a Wisconsin-based mobile television production company with regional and national broadcast clients, has selected a Calrec Sigma audio console equipped with Bluefin High Density Signal Processing (HDSP) technology for its first HD broadcast truck, which will also be equipped for full 5.1 surround-sound. The truck is slated to go on the road in September.

In a busy month, 20 operators might use a Token Creek truck for projects, ranging from college football games to boxing matches to a network telethon. “If we are to provide the best client support possible, it is particularly important that we supply equipment that is familiar to operators, easy to use, packed with features, and reliable,” says Token Creek’s chief engineer, Brendan Clark.

Before he started to design the new truck, Clark interviewed customers to find out what they wanted; reportedly, they all asked for a Calrec audio board. “It’s not inexpensive, but it will help us sell our new HD truck to clients,” Clark says. “We know the Calrec board is worth the investment.”

The Sigma 56-fader console will enable Token Creek’s clients to take advantage of Bluefin HDSP, which provides 320 channel processing paths packaged as 108 stereo and 104 mono channels on a single DSP card, with full EQ and dynamics on all channels, groups and main outputs. This enables up to 52 full 5.1 surround-sound channels.

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