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Tom Lord-Alge Mixes Sarah McLachlan’s Afterglow Live CD/DVD

Lord-Alge at work at South Beach Studios

Grammy-winner Tom Lord-Alge recently completed the 5.1 mix of singer/composer Sarah McLachlan’s forthcoming CD/DVD release, Afterglow Live. The mix is reportedly Lord-Alge’s first surround music mixing project.

According to Joe Galdo, president of South Beach Studios in Miami, Lord-Alge created multiple stems on the studio’s SSL 4064 console. He then took these stems to the facility’s upstairs Pro Tools|HD suite where he assembled and mixed them.

Lord-Alge listened on the Blue Sky 5.1 Sky System One monitoring system, recently installed in a 5.1 configuration. Galdo notes, “Working with guys from Audio One and with [studio designer] Ross Alexander, Tom set the speakers up and they were very careful to make it as perfect as possible.” Signal distribution to the Blue Sky monitors was done with a Martinsound MultiMAX EX system.

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