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Tono Studios Launches New Website, Branding for 2015

Tono Maintains its Spanish Language Roots While Embracing General Market

Award-winning audio post facility Tono Studios in Santa Monica announces that it is proactively embracing the changing model for Spanish language advertising media and has launched a new company Website. In addition, the company has developed new corporate branding that reflects its total-market approach.

For the past seven years Tono Studios has been a staple in the Hispanic advertising community, viewed as an essential partner in the production and post-production creative process. The studio is leading its transformation with the new tagline, “Audio as Art,” which emphasizes its ability to deliver creative product that transcends language, for audiences of all kinds.

“We saw the way the industry was evolving,” says Raquel Ramirez of Tono Studios. “Just as our clients have been forced to adjust to a changing marketplace, we have had to respond in kind. What this basically comes down to is removing the restraints we had placed on ourselves insofar as the type of clientele we actively embraced to broaden our approach. We aren’t limited by our talent or technology, so there is no barrier for us to overcome.”

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