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Torture Unit Records Demo at Odds on Recording

From L-R: Odds on Recording president Tom Parham, Torture Unit guitarist Tim Dever, recording/mix engineer Bob Ferrari and Torture Unit vocalist Mike Hussey.

Members of Las Vegas–based metal band Torture Unit recently visited Odds on Recording in Henderson, Nev., which is outfitted with an SSL XL9000 K Series SuperAnalogue console, to record a three-song demo. “There is absolutely nothing left to desire with our CD sound quality,” says guitarist and backup vocalist Tim Dever. “When targeting music executives and record labels, you have one shot to have your music heard and you don’t want your chance hindered by poor sound quality and presentation. Odds on Recording’s complete service offers up-and-coming bands like ours a greater opportunity to receive the recognition we are looking for.

“Odds on Recording has a highly skilled staff that is extremely knowledgeable in the music industry,” Dever continues. “It was a privilege to have an opportunity to work with such music veterans as Tom Parham and Bobby Ferrari, who both enthusiastically shared their expertise and guidance.

“After receiving a tour of the facility and learning about Odds on’s ability to fulfill all recording needs, we jumped at the chance to take advantage of this great convenience,” Dever concludes. “Whether it was the early stages of recording, the conceptual CD inlay design and production, or the final stages in which the CDs were neatly inserted into jewel cases, the process proved seamless, with each phase effortlessly working in tandem with one another. Odds on’s unique one-stop-shop capability is a great stress-reliever, sparing the headaches of having to research and hire multiple vendors, and subsequently preserving cohesiveness and creative control.”

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