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Trace Elliot Bass Amplifiers

Trace Elliot has announced its new U.S. product range for 2006, including three 12-band bass amplifiers. These amplifiers include six foot-switchable features Pre-Shape, the Trace Elliot tone-shaping tool; valve to add tube warmth and overdrive (12AX7/ECC83); a vintage 12-band Trace Elliot graphic equalizer; dual-band compressor with separate controls for high and low bands; an effects loop (highpass/lowpass/full-range outputs, left/right/mono returns, series/parallel switch, loop-level control); and an output mute that silences all outputs except the tuner out.

Other features include electronically balanced XLR DI outputs for pre-EQ and post-preamp left and right outputs, Celestion loudspeakers (1215 and 1210 models), left and right line outputs, MOSFET technology and two valve/tube driver stages for signal pre conditioning before the power stage. The stereo features are summed to mono in the power stage for the 1210 and 1215, whereas the AH1000-12 remains stereo through to its dual 500-watt power stages. The Trace Elliot 1215 Combo, 1210 Combo (pictured) and AH1000-12 Head will be available in Q4 2006.

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