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Tree Audio 500 Recording Console

Due to the fact that 500-Series format audio modules are ubiquitous across a range of gear and manufacturers, it makes sense that someone would offer a console allowing a user to “grow” their own desk from any grouping of rack-mount modules they’d like. The new 500 Recording Console from Tree Audio (a division of Inward Connections) is completely customizable, making it easy to mix and match modules and sculpt your sound on a channel by channel basis.

The 24-channel desk features all discrete Inward Connections SPA690 amp blocks, custom wound output transformers, four groups (buses), one stereo bus, four mono aux sends (pre/post) and one stereo aux send (pre/post). There are inserts on both the stereo bus and groups, as well as all the master controls and options you’d expect on a pro-level console, including six Master aux level controls, mono and dim, stereo-in-place solo and channel mute, two external source selections, three speaker selections, including sub and master, left and right mute controls. The empty slots above the center section are ready for EQ and compressor modules for the four groups and stereo bus, while the other channel area slots can accommodate mic preamps, EQs, dynamics modules and other goodies.

The 500 features two heavy duty power supplies with double the required current for the input modules and 500 Series buckets. The desk also packs more extras offering a headphone amp, oscillator, 100mm faders and an optional meter module with analog VU and peak program LED bargraph (-30 to +18) that can look at the input or output of each channel. Price TBA.

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