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Trinnov Audio Pro D-Mon Series Monitor Controllers

Among other gear, Vintage King in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall was featuring Trinnov Audio Pro for monitoring that includes I/O, routing, digital room tuning, loudness control and more. Input and output configuration depends on models, but all of them cover the needs of recording or mastering studios, post-production rooms and film mixing suites.

Trinnov D-Mon Series monitor controllers are specifically designed to combine power, fast-and-easy usage and flexibility. They offer both analog and digital professional inputs and outputs; facilities to connect the processor via Ethernet and/or MIDI and host almost any protocol to communicate with a large number of other studio equipment; a Switching Matrix to route all signals easily and make any patch set in seconds; Full Audio Routing Matrix with instant recall and ZERO latency assignment; an internal Mixer (from 8 to 16 configurable buses), which can create various sum of stems, main or aux mix, discrete inputs that come in; comprehensive and intuitive Web Control Panel (Source & Speaker selection, Level/Mute/Dim, Intercoms, Headphones, etc.) that any connected device can access (Chrome browser recommended); the Optimizer to make the perfect tuning of the loudspeaker sets to the studio acoustics; full EuCon and MIDI compliance (with other protocols to come) with the free D-Mon App (MacOS); and optional SmartMeter software for accurate timecode aware loudness metering and processing features.

MIDI, headphone output and talkback input are wired just like the ICON control surfaces, allowing X-Mon as a replacement in a complete, seamless way. Timecode is available as a LTC input when you’re running the SmartMeter to make Loudness metering sessions more effective than ever. GPIOs are located there as well, so linking to other equipment for synchronizing switches, lights or a simple pedal is immediate and easy.

For more information, go to, or visit Trinnov Audio Pro’s Website.