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TRUE Systems pT2-500D 500 Series Microphone Preamp

At the 131st AES Convention in New York City, audio specialist Sennheiser announced that its distributed brand, TRUE Systems, released its pT2-500D Precision Dynamic Preamp ($TBA). The pT2-500D preamplifier is designed for recorded and live sound applications where API 500 Series modules are used, and expands TRUE Systems’ pT2-500 Series with a preamp that provides more gain, higher input impedance and a unique low frequency adjust control.

The pT2-500D is an API 500 Series compatible module that incorporates the company’s Type 2 circuit design, promising exceptional sonic performance with ribbon and dynamic microphones, as well as superior results with self-powered tube microphones. The pT2-500D’s low-frequency adjust control provides nuanced low-frequency contouring, better definition of vocals and bass without the need to boost high midrange, and elimination of low-frequency “mud.”

Additionally, the pT2-500D is said to have a totally balanced topology for insensitivity to ground noise/loops, insensitivity to EMI both externally and from adjacent modules or power supplies, and reduced distortion.

TRUE Systems’ pT2-500D microphone and instrument preamp module further offers a rail-to-rail design that provides higher internal headroom, higher maximum input level without pad, and higher output level without transformer and excessive power supply current. Discrete FET DI with In and Thru jacks are designed for easy hookup to amps for simultaneous DI and amped tracking or live sound, or easy hookup to other DIs or effects for simultaneous tracking. A detented, dual-range Gain Control provides for easy setting/resetting over gain ranges from 7.5 to 76 dB. Finally, 0.1-percent precision resistors promise exceptional common-mode and output signal balance performance, and excellent unit-to-unit sonic consistency.

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