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Tube-Tech Introduces HLT-2A Analog Equalizer

The Tube-Tech HLT-2A stereo analog equalizer ($3,150) combines variable high- and low shelving with an adjustable midrange T-Filter. The midrange T-Filter “tilts” the entire spectrum around a selectable midrange frequency point. Frequencies above that point increase (or decrease) while frequencies below that point decrease (or increase).

This particular topology, previously only deployed in a handful of digital plug-ins, promises a powerful and efficient way to achieve high-quality overall equalization.

The HLT-2A’s shelving filters are designed around a high-gain tube amplifier. The T-Filter is passive and comes after the shelving filters and the output amplifier. All three sections can be individually bypassed, and the entire unit can be bypassed.

In addition, high- and low-cut filters offer more tone-shaping options.

Tube-Tech states that later in 2015, founder John G. Peterson will release a HLT-2A mastering version with stepped pots and smaller ranges for the shelving filters and the T-Filter.

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