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‘tvSoundGuy’: New Social Network for TV Sound Mixers

TV sound mixer Blair Halver has launched, a social networking Website dedicated to TV sound mixers who are looking to expand their circle of contacts and job opportunities. The site offers networking with other mix engineers, and enables members to post and circulate resumés, as well as buy and sell used gear.

“I created because I was trying to connect with other sound mixers through the other social network sites like Facebook, but it was too difficult to find them on the other sites,” Halver says from the set of Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C., where he is currently working. “This way, we’re all together and can more easily find each other. levels the playing field for networking with other TV sound mixers. The audience is specifically targeted to sound mixers and production companies that hire mixers.

“It’s interesting how there are various, smaller circles of people that seem to end up working together on a regular basis, but the secret to staying busy and getting a lot of work is to run in all the different circles. enables sound mixers to do this by creating one big circle where everyone can connect with each other. Geographic distance is no longer a barrier we must overcome to network with other sound mixers.”

TV sound mixers can use the site to circulate resumés, locate and connect with other mixers in their area, learn from more experienced mixers and mentor those who are new on the scene, use the online Classified Ad section to find another mixer to take over in a pinch, sell used gear and find great deals on new and used gear, and participate in discussions on the forum page.

TV producers can use the site to browse resumés and find a mixer that meets their needs.

“The key to landing TV mixing jobs is to expand your circle of contacts, something this site does through ‘friending,’” Halver said. “I would have been able to get into the field faster if there had been a site like this when I was starting out.

“Because TV sound mixers are mostly freelance independent contractors, this career is not like other careers. There’s usually only one sound guy on set so it’s very difficult to form those peer relationships in the workplace with other sound mixers. eliminates this issue by letting TV sound mixers connect online, and then ideally those relationships will manifest offline as well.”

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