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UAD Software Version 8.5 Adds New Plug-Ins from Softube, Sonnox, Brainworx

Universal Audio Welcomes Marshall JMP 2203 Guitar Amplifier, Oxford Envolution, and bx_digital V3 EQ plug-ins

Universal Audio in Scotts Valley, Calif., announces three new direct developer plug-ins for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces: the Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection ($299; $49 upgrade for UAD bx_digital V2 plug-in owners), Sonnox Oxford Envolution ($249), and the exclusive Marshall JMP 2203 Guitar Amplifier ($199; $149 upgrade for owners of any UAD Marshall plug-in), developed by Softube. All three plug-ins will be released as part of UAD Software Version 8.5.

Developed by Softube exclusively for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces, the Marshall JMP 2203 Guitar Amplifier Plug-In is an expert emulation of the 100-watt amplifier used by everyone from Iron Maiden and Slayer, to Jeff Beck and My Bloody Valentine. All Marshall plug-ins include UA’s Unison technology; Apollo user’s guitar pickups will see the exact impedance load as if they’re plugged into a vintage Marshall amp a feature found only on Apollo audio interfaces.

Introduced in 1975, the JMP 2203 is widely regarded as one of Marshall’s premier amplifier designs. The amp quickly caught on with players of all stripes with its abundance of dense crunch and power.

Developed by Sonnox, the Oxford Envolution is a frequency-dependent envelope shaper that can add presence/distance to drums, piano, guitar, and any other percussive content. With separate transient and sustain sections, the Envolution can radically modify the sound of sources, boosting sustain for added ambience or cutting it for quick, precise gating.

Providing a balance between flexibility and ease of use, the Envolution offers greater control of presence in a mix than an EQ or compressor, and it can also be used to generate negative ratio compression effects.

The Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection is a state-of-the-art mastering EQ and M/S (mid-side) processor for mixing, mastering and post-production engineers. The bx_digital V3 EQ adds a Dynamic EQ section, radically updated filters, and a new proportional Q mode to the already powerful M/S capabilities of the plug-in. New user-friendly features also include Gain Scale and three tones of focus for the onboard Bass and Presence ‘Shifters.’

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