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Ultrasone PROline Series

Ultrasone PROline 750

Ultrasone of America, LLC the U.S. distributor for German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG, will unveil its new PROline series at Booth #5699, Hall B.

The new PROline 750, 2500, 550 and 650 headphones offer Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic technology in a new design, with standard protection from EMF radiation up to 98 percent, detachable cables (coiled and straight), replacement pair of speed-switch ear pads and replaceable drivers.

The new design is exclusive to the series and allows a higher degree of transparency and spatial sense due to the higher degree of ear anatomy involved. Ultrasone’s S-Logic™ technology uses decentralized transducer positioning to reflect sound off the listeners’ pinna, or outer ear, creating a natural three-dimensional sensation without the use of processing. S-Logic also reportedly reduces the risk of hearing damage by 40 percent, as the headphone’s transducers are not aimed directly at the auditory canal. Listeners perceive the same volume with SPLs at the eardrum reduced by up to 40 percent.

Retailing for $399, the closed-back PROline 750s use Titanium-plated drivers and velvet ear pads, and feature a frequency range of 8 Hz to 35k Hz. For the same price, the PROline 2500 features the same driver and frequency range as the PROline 750, with a foldable, open-back design.

Retailing at $299, the PROline 650s are rooted in the HFI-650 by using the same high-class gold-plated drivers. Due to the new design, PROline 650 offers an even more spectacular open three-dimensional image with a maximum of transparency.

Retailing at $239, the PROline 550 headphones are rooted in the legendary HFI-550. They feature a 50mm heavy-duty driver and the same frequency range as the PROline 650s.

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