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Ultrasone RPX-33, NX-02 Sistema

Headphone manufacturer Ultrasone is introducing two new amplifiers created exclusively for the company’s product line: the RPX-33 ($1,799) and NX-02 Sistema ($875), designed and built by Italian manufacturer RudiStor Sound Systems. Both amplification systems were created to bring increased performance to the Ultrasone PROline 750, PROline 2500 and Edition 9.

The all-discrete RPX-33 dual mono topology headphone amp from RudiStor features a short signal path, and the unit’s power supply uses a capacitance multiplier to deliver DC power. Two headphones output jacks are provided for increased versatility: one for high sensitivity with lower power (L) and the other for low-sensitivity headphones with higher output (H).

Designed especially to be a perfect match for the Ultrasone PROline 2500, RudiStor Sound Systems’ NX-02 Sistema is an IC-based amp.

The RudiStor headphone amplifiers are made with color schemes matching those of the company’s PROline 750, PROline 2500 and Edition 9 headphones. The RPX-33 amp is sold with the Edition 9 and Ultrasone iCans for $3,299; the NX-02 Sistema amp is sold with the 2500 for $1,199.

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