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Venezuela’s PROmontaje Commissions First Meyer Sound LEO System in Latin America

Meyer Sound LEO System at Vive Movistar Festival in Caracas

PROmontaje in Caracas, Venezuela, has taken delivery of a Meyer Sound LEO linear large-scale reinforcement system, the first to be available in Latin America. PROmontaje is the event production technology arm of Grupo DEC, a larger diversified enterprise providing a full range of creative, management, and production services for corporate events, large sporting events, and major music concerts.

The new system was initially deployed at the Vive Movistar Festival in Caracas this summer.

Meyer Sound LEO System at Vive Movistar Festival in Caracas

“We have been using Meyer Sound MILO and MICA line arrays with great success,” says Pablo Bonilla, the managing director of PROmontaje. “Now, with LEO, we will be Venezuela’s leading provider of large-scale audio production for big concerts, festivals, major sporting competitions and large-scale corporate, governmental, and cultural events.”

PROmontaje’s new LEO system comprises 30 LEO-M line array loudspeakers, 18 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements, a Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system with four Galileo Callisto array processors, and a Galileo 616 AES processor. The system was purchased through the Caracas-based distributor Audio Concept, C.A.

Meyer Sound LEO System at Vive Movistar Festival in Caracas

PROmontaje’s investment in a LEO system is part of a long-term commitment to raising the standard for audio in live events throughout Venezuela.

“It’s about quality,” Bonilla explains. “When I’ve gone to concerts in the past, I would too often pay a high ticket price and hear low-quality sound. That’s because concert producers were only looking for the lowest-cost system. I’m determined to change that attitude with LEO, and I’m convinced the quality will be a good long-term investment both for us and the concert producers.”

The feedback about LEO’s performance at the Vive Movistar Festival confirmed Bonilla’s decision to purchase LEO was the right one. “My musician friend told me that even as he was entering the venue around 300 meters from the main stage, the music was coming through strong and clear,” Bonilla says. “Crew members with experience working other large systems also told me that they have never heard anything like it.”

Since its launch in 2001, Grupo DEC has continued to invest in its own staging, lighting, audio, and video equipment. In 2011, the company grew to where PROmontaje was given its own identity as a supplier of production technology.

In addition to LEO, PROmontaje’s Meyer Sound inventory includes MILO, MICA, and M’elodie line array loudspeakers; 700-HP, 600-HP, and 500-HP subwoofers; JM-1P arrayable loudspeakers; and UM-1P and MJF-212A stage monitors.

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