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VUE Expands al-Class Line with al-8SB Flyable Subwoofer

Following up on the success of its al-Class high-definition line array systems, VUE Audiotechnik in Escondido, Calif., introduces the al-8SB Flyable Subwoofer (list price of less than $4,000). Designed for seamless integration with the al-8 Line Array System, the al-8SB is said to reproduce frequencies below 35 Hz.

The package is compact and easily flyable, and features rigging options for suspension above or behind al-8 arrays in a variety of configurations in addition to forming the base for ground stack arrays. 

The al-8SB can be used in flown arrays along with additional ground stacked VUE subwoofers for applications requiring low frequency effects, such as large dance music systems, and can be used in cardioid bass arrangements.


The al-8SB contains a W-18 neodymium version of the C18 woofer found in the VUE hs-28 dual 18-inch ACM Subwoofer, housed in an enclosure that is exactly the height of two al-8 dual 8-inch three-way line array elements. This provides visual symmetry between flown arrays of al-8s and al-8sb subwoofers, as well optimal enclosure volume for the woofer. Its 18-inch, long-throw transducer employs a 4-inch voice coil and dual spider for minimal power compression.

The al-8SB enclosure is constructed of top quality birch plywood, coated in the same durable 12-step Dura-Coat LX finish as the al-8 acoustic elements. Extensive interior bracing ensures resonant-free low frequency performance. The machined, powder-coated, steel grille with acoustically transparent lining provides ample driver protection while completing the top-quality al-Class aesthetic. Recessed handles and skids enable easy transport and stacking.

Integrated rigging hardware ensures that the al-8SB is perfectly configured for use in any al-8 Line Array System, whether suspended or ground stacked. The four-point symmetrical rigging allows the al-8sb to be flown in reverse fashion with other al-8sb subwoofers to create a cardioid bass arrangement. Recessed, front- and rear-mounted, dual Neutrik Speakon sockets provide easy input and output connection from the back of cardioid arrays.

VUE’s new fly beam can fly the al-8SB enclosures or full-range al-8 arrays. The beam can be used for ground stacking al-8s on the subwoofer enclosure or to fly an array of al-8s underneath an array of subwoofer enclosures. A flyable end-fire grid allows quick assembly of sophisticated al-8SB end-fire arrays for improved directionality and reduced low-frequency energy onstage.

Optimal performance is achieved when the al-8SBis used with one of VUE’s V Series Systems Engines. Custom al-8SB configuration settings are available (via SystemVUE software) to optimize the powerful processors inside the V4 and V6 specifically for the al-8SB arrays. V Series amplifiers promise ample power for four al-8SB systems with the V4 and up to six al-8SB systems in a cardioid configuration with the V6.

Find more information about VUE Audiotechnik’s al-8SB Flyable Subwoofer.