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Waves API Collection

Waves 550A 3-band equalizer

Waves announces the API Collection ($2,000/TDM version; $1,000/Native version), the latest in the company’s line of modeled plug-ins that emulate the sound of classic consoles and components. Developed in association with API (Automated Processes Inc.), the API Collection features four processors modeled on the 550A 3-band equalizer, 550B 4-band EQ, the 560 graphic equalizer and the 2500 stereo compressor.

The 550A provides reciprocal, repeatable EQ at 15 points in five steps of up to 12dB boost/cut divided into three overlapping ranges (five frequency centers per band). HF and LF can be set to either peaking or shelving, and there is an additional bandpass filter that can be adjusted independently of the main EQ. “Proportional Q” narrows the Q at extreme settings.

The 550B is an equalizer with four overlapping bands and seven switchable filter frequencies spanning up to five octaves per band, with up to 12dB boost/cut. “Proportional Q” narrows the bandwidth at extreme settings and widens it a minimal settings. The 550B allows the undoing, affecting or reversing of previous modifications.

The 560, based on the API classic from 1967, is a 10-band octave-based graphic equalizer with 12 dB boost/cut per band. Its filtering and +28dB headroom make it well suited for signal enhancement and room tuning. It also features “Proportional Q,” along with a curve-shaping ability. Boost and cut capabilities are identical.

Waves API 2500 stereo compressor

The API 2500 stereo compressor can be used in stereo or as two independent mono channels. The 2500 includes automatic gain make-up, allowing changes in threshold and ratio to be made without affecting the overall output level. It features both feedback and feedforward compression.

The API Collection is available separately and as part of Waves’ Mercury bundle.

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