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Waves Audio Now Shipping the H-Reverb Plug-In

Waves Audio is now shipping its H-Reverb plug-in (price TBA) based on algorithmic FIR (Finite Impulse Response) reverberation technology. H-Reverb incorporates Waves’ advanced analog modeling along with a drive control. This design also enables the input drive technique. 

H-Reverb includes a library of artist presets from mixing engineers including Toni Maserati, Brad Divens, Daniel Green, Dave Darlington, Dave Stagl, James Ebdon, Ken “Pooch” Van Druten, Kevin Madigan, Pete Keppler, Ross Hogarth and Yoad Nevo. 

Additional features include: impulse-variable resonant filtering for creating unfamiliar and advanced reverb effects; EQ and dynamics module for compression, ducking and de-essing; ADA analog modeling and drive control for input clipping; full buildup timing and shaping; pre-delay BPM sync; and support for full 5.1-channel surround setups.  

Find more information about Waves Audio’s H-Reverb plug-in.