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Waves Version 5

Waves has launched Version 5, which provides HTDM support for all plug-ins (Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs4 required). HTDM allows the mixing of DSP and native plug-ins in a single processing chain, native plug-ins on aux tracks and support for sidechain plug-ins with the C1, RCL, RenChannel and Morphoder. In addition, mono-to-stereo operation is provided with native plug-ins.

The 360º Surround Tools Bundle is now available for Windows XP TDM users, and supports native processing running RTAS and HTDM on Mac and PC.

Automatic latency compensation is supported for all Waves plug-ins under Pro Tools TDM 6.4. Updated host support provides compatibility with Nuendo 2.2, Pro Tools 6.4 and Digidesign’s Command 8.

Tempo Sync enables four plug-ins—Enigma, MetaFlanger, MondoMod and SuperTap—to align to the host tempo, allowing the creation of in-beat effects, timed delays, panning, flanging and more.

PC users can take advantage of Pro Tools|HD Accel DSP density and power for Waves processing, and added 96kHz support is provided for Accel DSP cards for C4, LinMB, LinEQ Low Band, LinEQ BB (mono), SuperTap and Morphoder. All plug-ins also support Digi 002 and Command|8 Control Surface mapping.

A new Advanced Compiler provides smoother, faster GUI operation and enhanced predictability.

Version 5 supports Mac OS X, and Windows XP and 2000 and is available with all new products and via the Waves Update Plan, which provides version updates for a full year on registered products.

A 14-day demo of Waves Version 5 is available at or at For more new product announcements, visit