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Westbrook Church Specs Midas Verona

From left: Paul Carter (Westbrook Ministries operations manager), Kim Leonard (Professional Audio Designs VP) and Philip Roeglin (Professional Audio Designs, design engineer)

A Midas Verona mixing console is providing concert-quality sound at the heart of a new A/V installation at Westbrook Church in Hartville, Wis. Professional Audio Designs ( designed and installed the A/V systems.

According to PAD’s Kim Leonard, “We needed 64 channels in an FOH console and that proved difficult to get in a digital console that would be easy for volunteers to use and familiar to touring acts. The church wanted to be able to set up for a base praise band, but also wanted to be able to set up for other praise band groupings of varying sizes and instrumentation and make it as simple as possible. In addition, they have 12 wireless mics that they wanted to use with a full orchestra band. At the grand opening,” says Leonard, who engineered the event, “I used just about every channel on the console.”

The audio system was specified without a monitor system under the assumption that for special presentations, the church could split off the main patch panel at the platform to a separate, rented monitor mixer.

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