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German manufacturer WK Audio introduces EDIT ($6,054), a hardware controller for Steinberg’s Nuendo Media Production System. EDIT is a solution for Nuendo users who prefer using a compact control surface to a complete mixing desk. Derived from Steinberg’s ID controller, EDIT shares a nearly identical layout and construction, while its individual function areas are optimized for editing and multitrack recording.

Like the ID, EDIT has a keyboard with LED indicators and track numbers for accessing channels or tracks numbered 1–48 or 49–96 for functions such as Cut, Solo or Record. These keys can be used as a PC keyboard, and the EDIT controller also includes an IP65-standard trackball.

Edit Command buttons provide direct access to frequently used Nuendo functions, and a large number of freely-assignable keys can be used together with user-definable Nuendo key commands.

The weighted 60mm dial can be used for jog, shuttle and scrub functions, as well as for editing functions such as working with trims, fades and zooms. In addition, extra keys for positioning and zooming in on events in the Nuendo project window are positioned around the dial.

The EDIT controller also integrates with Nuendo’s control room section via reduction keys for Mono/Stereo, Front/Rear, LFE and L-R, as well as two speaker-management keys for directly accessing the corresponding features in Nuendo’s master section.

WK Audio expects to ship the EDIT controller in early April 2007.

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