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WorxAudio TrueAim Grid

Intended for use in permanent installations, the WorxAudio TrueAim Grid suspension system is designed to simplify the process of flying the TrueLine V8 and V10 Series compact line array system. To combat center-of-gravity challenges when flying a loudspeaker array, the TrueAim Grid incorporates a manual screw mechanism with a large adjustment knob to enable the installer to easily level the system as each new loudspeaker element is added. Control of the upward/
downward angle is adjusted by making clockwise/counterclockwise rotations of the knob.

Utilizing a single industry-standard schedule 40 pipe for the loudspeaker array’s suspension, the TrueAim Grid incorporates a pipe coupler that connects to the grid’s adjustable crossbeam and facilitates both left and right adjustment. Further, the pipe coupler has an exit point through which the array’s wiring can pass. By running the wire through the pipe and exiting via the coupler, the line array’s audio and power lines are hidden from view and visible only at the back of the system. For added convenience, the entire system can attach to a beam clamp.

The TrueAim Grid suspension system can safely fly up to 24 TrueLine V8 enclosures and is available in black or white. Also available is the optional monitor yoke. This accessory enables the mounting of a single V8 enclosure that can be positioned as a down-firing monitor system for the performing talent. By incorporating the monitor yoke onto the rear of the flown array, performers can take advantage of a potent monitor without having another loudspeaker at their feet reducing onstage real estate.

The new V8i TrueAim Grid suspension system carries an MSRP of $1,881, and the V10i TrueAim Grid suspension system carries an MSRP of $2,870.81. Both models are available now.

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