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Wow and Flutter West Announces Work on Indie Feature Films

Wow and Flutter West in Santa Monica, Calif., has completed original music and post-production work on a number of independent feature films. Operating under Wow and Flutter West’s Gerald Brunskill Music (GBM) division, Jerry Brunskill wrote and scored the original music for Deep Winter. Academy Award–winning mixer Jeffrey Perkins (Dances with Wolves) and Eric Justin mixed this film and provided the sound editorial at Wow and Flutter West’s new Stage A mixing theater.

For L.A. Blues, Wow and Flutter provided extensive mixing and sound editorial services, helmed by the company’s Ryan Rees, with additional original scoring from Brunskill. Operating under GBM, Brunskill wrote and scored original music for Sleeping Dogs Lie. Wow and Flutter also provided all audio post-production and sound editorial services.

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