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X2 Digital Wireless Expands XDR Series

New additions to X2 Digital Wireless Systems’ XDR Series Digital UHF wireless includes the XDR952 omni lavalier microphone system shipping with MT830-X; XDR953 cardioid headworn microphone system shipping with ATM75-X; XDR954 cardioid lavalier microphone system shipping with MT831-X; and XDR957 clip-on instrument microphone system shipping with Pro35-X. XDR95-x systems include microphone elements designed by Audio-Technica as standard equipment.

The XDR95 is a multichannel, 24-bit, digital wireless system purpose-built for live performance. ll systems are 2009-compliant and feature X2’s proprietary companderless TruDIGITAL format and Q-DiversityPLUS (anti-jamming) technology. This results in a 300-foot operating range and the ability to operate freely throughout North and South America without frequency coordination issues or DTV/“white-space” concerns.

The XDR95 draws its wired-sound characteristics from X2’s patent-pending TruDigital technology. A 24-bit A/D converter at the XDT4 bodypack transmitter captures the full dynamic range of incoming instrument, line-level or microphone signals, and then transfers them in digital format on two separate RF carrier frequencies. The XDR4 receiver decodes the signals back into analog audio via a 24-bit D/A converter. Two permanently mounted internal UHF antennas and two BNC chassis-mounted external antennas supply RF signal to four separate receiver sections within the single-rackspace chassis of the receiver creating what X2 calls Q-DiversityPLUS: four completely separate receiver sections working simultaneously.

The system can additionally be used with other manufacturers’ headworn, lavalier or instrument microphones wired for 1/8-inch TRS connector when using the XDT4 bodypack transmitter.

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