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X2 Digital Wireless Systems XDR95

X2 Digital Wireless Systems’ XDR95 multichannel, 24-bit, digital wireless system is now shipping. The system features X2’s companderless TruDIGITAL format and new Q-DiversityPLUS™ (anti-jamming) technology for the sound and feel of a direct wire connection with a 300-foot operating range.

The XDR95 draws its wired-sound characteristics from X2’s patent-pending TruDigital technology. A 24-bit A/D converter at the XDT4 bodypack transmitter captures the full dynamic range of incoming instrument, line-level or microphone signals, and then transfers them in digital format on two separate RF carrier frequencies (odd samples on one, even samples on the other). The XDR4 receiver decodes the signals back into analog audio via a 24-bit D/A converter. Two permanently mounted internal UHF antennas and two BNC chassis-mounted external antennas supply RF signals to four separate receiver sections within the single-rackspace chassis of the receiver creating what X2 calls Q-DiversityPLUS: four completely separate receiver sections working simultaneously to deliver freedom from dropouts, multipath cancellation, RF interference and noise.

With Q-DiversityPLUS, should an undesired RF signal suddenly appear on a channel, the performance will not be adversely affected. By operating in the Frequency-Clear™ 902 to 928MHz band, the system is free from DTV and related “white space” concerns and FCC licensing concerns.

The entire process takes place without the use of compression/expander (compander) noise-reduction I/Cs common to analog wireless units. The result is a SNR greater than 118 dB and a frequency response from 10 to 20k Hz, +/-0.5 dB, while dynamic range is >118 dB, with a THD of <0.03%.

The XDR95 is equipped with a multisegment LED providing instant feedback to all system functions. The receiver shows operating channel, diversity status, RF signal, audio level (16 segment) and remaining battery life in the transmitter (16 segment) in 20-minute increments. The XDT4 bodypack transmitter shows operating channel, remaining battery life (in five one-hour increments) and audio level when signal is present. Both components offer five user-selectable and fully compatible operating channels.

The system can additionally be used with other manufacturers headworn, lavalier, or instrument microphones wired for 1/8-inch TRS connector when using the XDT4 bodypack transmitter. XDR95 components can alternately operate in a backward-compatible mode to accommodate previous X2 systems and components.

List price for instrument systems start at $899; lavaliere and headworn systems are priced at $999.

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