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Xoom Entertainment Announces Soundtrack Competition

Xoom Entertainment has announced its open submission for the International Music Competition dedicated to the film score for The Camel Wars. The film, directed by Sohrab Mirmontazeri, follows an Iraqi-American soldier’s tortuous journey in Iraq, exposing myths about the Shiite-Sunni civil war and laying bare the complexities of the American presence in Iraq and loyalty during war. All composers from the U.S. and international territories are eligible.

Fifty groups/performers will be selected from all the entries received to be on the final shortlist. The final audition for the short-listed acts will be held in New York City and will feature major music artists who will serve as guest judges to help pick the final 10 tracks that will be featured in the soundtrack. The 10 selected tracks, along with four tracks recorded by major music recording artists, will be released as the official soundtrack for The Camel Wars. The release will coincide with the worldwide theatrical release of the feature film.

The final date for submission of entries will be February 1, 2007. The complete entry form and guidelines are available at