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Yamaha MSP7 Studio and MSP5 Studio

Yamaha announced the MSP7 Studio (pictured) and MSP5 Studio powered studio monitor line. The top-of-the-line MSP7 is designed to handle any combination of digital and analog sources, as well as stereo and surround formats.

The MSP7 Studio incorporates a 6.5-inch polypropylene-cone woofer powered by a high-quality 80-watt amplifier. Its 1-inch titanium-dome tweeter employs a 50W amp. The frequency ranges are divided by an electronic crossover, with highpass and lowpass roll-off curves built into a one-piece molded enclosure with a rounded baffle, designed for smooth and consistent performance.

The MSP5 Studio is a two-way, bi-amplified bass-reflex system. The MSP5 features a 5-inch cone woofer driven by a 40W amplifier and a 1-inch dome tweeter driven by a 27W amplifier. Other than woofer size, enclosure size and amplifier power, the MSP5 takes advantage of the same materials and design technology behind the MSP7.

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