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Yamaha Upgrades Boards With VCM

Based on the upgrade to the Yamaha DM2000 digital console, the company has added similar upgrades for the DM1000, 01V96 and 02R96 digital consoles, which will be featured at InfoComm 2008 at Booths C3969 and C4069. VCM Technology (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) simulates analog circuitry characteristics like resistors and capacitors, as well as emulates the sounds of 1970s analog and vintage gear, including classic compression and EQ.

For example, the DM1000VCM (pictured) and 02R96VCM includes channel strip (Comp260(S), comp 276(S), EQ (601), master strip (OpenDeck), reverb (Rev-X Plate, Room and Hall), surround post (Room E/R, Doppler, Field Rotation) and vintage stomp (Max100, Dual Phase, Vintage Phaser) effects. The 01V96VCM features channel strip (Comp260, Comp 276, EQ601) and reverb (Rev-X Plate, Room and Hall) effects.

The new VCM upgrades are free of charge for consoles purchased after February 1, 2008. Consoles purchased prior to that date or are considered Version 2 models will have to purchase the VCM effects package separately. The VCM upgrade for the DM1000, 01V96 and 02R96 are currently available.

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