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Zaxcom STA100

Zaxcom is shipping the STA100, a new stereo adaptor interface for its wireless recording systems. The STA100 plugs directly into the company’s TRX900/TRX900AA digital wireless transmitters or ZFR100 recorder, allowing users to transform their existing single-channel system into a 2-channel device.

The STA100 includes a dedicated timecode input feature that allows users to synchronize their camera to the internal timecode generator of the TRX900/TRX900AA or ZFR100. This feature also supports autoloading of audio directly to the system’s integrated memory card. The autoload mode ensures that audio recorded on the TRX900/TRX900AA or ZFR100 exactly matches the video.

Zaxcom’s new interface also includes a software-selectable output connector that can act either as a monitoring function for playback of audio or as a timecode output for jamming other devices. The STA100 includes an external power input for connection to a 12-volt external power source. The unit weighs 2 ounces and has a profile of 1×0.8×3 inches.

The company’s wireless systems—including the TRX900 and TRX900AA wireless microphone transmitters/receivers and ZFR100 recorder—are engineered for use in professional television broadcast, film, theater, concert and presentation applications.

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