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Zaxcom STA200

Zaxcom’s STA200 is a new microphone input adaptor for use in dance and theatrical applications. Now shipping, the STA200 is geared for audio professionals who need to transmit multiple audio channels from a single bodypack. The new adaptor expands on the feature set of Zaxcom’s TRX900 wireless microphone transceiver by allowing the production staff to connect two additional microphones for a total of three microphones supported by one unit.

Zaxcom’s STA200 has two auxiliary microphone connectors facing downward for mounting on a performer’s tap shoes during theatrical and dance presentations. The audio signals from these two microphones are mixed together for transmission on a discrete channel. A vocal microphone is also connected to the TRX900 and transmits on a second channel for a total of three microphones on a single performer. The Zaxcom receiver will output the two discrete channels, ensuring that the tap shoe audio is completely separate from the vocal channel.

In addition to supporting additional inputs, the STA200 also includes an audio output to support an earpiece. This output is broadcast from Zaxcom’s IFB100 to the TRX900 and can be used as a click track to keep dancers in time, or as an IFB feed to communicate staging instructions directly to the performers. Zaxcom’s system also provides RF remote control for flexibility in managing and fine tuning the TRX900 transmitters.

The TRX900 can record a backup of the transmitted audio using its patent-pending internal recording capability. This feature set allows audio professionals to record up to 12 hours of audio directly to a Flash memory card and then transfer the WAV files to either a PC or Macintosh for post-production. The TRX900 system is designed for use primarily with a lavalier microphone.

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