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ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox, Future Amp

ZT Amplifiers Inc. has entered the musical instrument industry
by creating two guitar amplifiers, with one of the company’s primary goals being to market their products to musicians in China.

Both amplifier models boast extremely high output, impressive tone with dynamic harmonics, smooth variable gain and reverb.

The Lunchbox (SRP: $199, available spring 2008; pictured) is 7x8x4 inches and is made from an actual lunchbox. It puts out more than 200 watts and delivers 121 dB (at 1m) from a 6.5-inch driver in a sealed enclosure.

The Future Amp (SRP: $399, available spring 2008) is also a compact size at 13x15x8 inches, and delivers more than 200 watts and exceeds 130 dB over the full range of tone. The Future Amp features a 12-inch driver housed in a sealed enclosure for strong, tight bass and clear

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