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IP Production Center Rebrands

Red House Streaming's St. Petersburg, Florida HQ is now Red House Streaming Production Center.

Red House Streaming Production Center

St. Petersburg, FL (June 9, 2022)—CP Communications and its subsidiary Red House Streaming have rebranded their St. Petersburg, Florida headquarters as Red House Streaming Production Center in recognition of its evolution into an all-IP remote broadcast hub.

The growing media and entertainment company has now deployed a varied network infrastructure of 1Gb and 10Gb pipes that interface with its two homegrown Red House Streaming (RHS) studios and new RHS-36 truck, allowing the company to manage live content coming from and going to any location globally — without leaving the property, and without leaving the IP domain if desired.

The facility has already hosted several REMI productions, including the Bermuda Track and Field Championships and two ACC Golf Championship events.

“We differ from conventional production centers because we offer a true all-IP production ecosystem,” said Kurt Heitmann, CEO, CP Communications and Red House Streaming. “We offer multiple levels of professional production using traditional studio or control room workflows. Regardless of which production service is used, we acquire in IP, we produce in IP, and we distribute in IP. We can keep it all in IP with our vMix workflows, or also decode content for a traditional SDI workflow onboard RHS-36. We can then encode it back to IP for distribution.”

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As Heitmann explains, the Red House Streaming Production Center uses Internet Protocol compression standards in ways that allow clients to capture, edit, process and deliver programming in their preferred formats. “We work in compressed environments, instead of moving uncompressed content around the facility on network cable,” said Heitmann. “Working in compressed environments is what gives our clients the freedom to manage content to and from anywhere globally over IP in a variety of formats, including RTMP, RTSP, SRT and NDI.”

The first 2022 REMI production project from the facility was the Bermuda Track and Field Championships for Carr-Hughes Productions (CHP) that aired on NBC Sports, which utilized CHP’s High Rock mobile truck. RHS engineered a layer 2 network that transported eight video signals with 32 channels of audio, RVON communications, control data for cameras, return video and scoring data to and from Bermuda.

“Basically, we extended the truck and production center networks to Bermuda,” said Heitmann. “The NBC announcers were in RHS Studio A and the international commentator was in RHS Studio B, and it was as if they were onsite.”

CP’s RHS-36 mobile unit was later brought in for the ACC Women’s Golf Championship, which took place in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. CP and RHS acquired eight bonded cellular signals from the Reserve Golf Club and natively placed them into the traditional control room workflow onboard RHS-36 back at Red House Streaming Production Center. A similar project for the Men’s ACC Golf Championship event live from Panama City, Florida followed one week later.