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Location Sound Pros Talk Kitchen Chaos

Bruner Dyer and Jeff Asell capture kitchen chaos as they record and mix Food Network’s 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.'

Bruner Dyer and Jeff Asell
Bruner Dyer and Jeff Asell

Denver, CO (June 2, 2022)—Bruner Dyer and Jeff Asell capture the kitchen chaos with their Lectrosonics wireless rigs when they record and mix Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Guy Fieri’s smash travelogue series.

“A restaurant is not a studio or even a film set; there are so many noises that are not under our control,” Asell explains. “Doing these jobs in hostile environments, we need our gear to be pretty agile, and it cannot be delicate. It needs to be able to withstand some abuse. We take care of our gear, but that doesn’t mean that the people wearing it always do!”

“We do the best we can to get everything in one take. When we are shooting, I treat it like a live show. The gear has to work,” adds Dyer. “We do not like to start over. This is a working restaurant. The food is cooking. The customers are waiting, and we have to move fast.”

Mining Doc Tests RF Gear’s Resilience

Currently, the pair’s complement of gear includes two DCR822 dual-channel digital receivers, a half-dozen SMQV Digital Hybrid transmitters, a pair of SMDWB wideband transmitters, and even four UCR411a receivers purchased in 2006. IFB is covered by DCHTs sending to DCHR and M2R units.

Asell says, “When we come into a town, we shoot with twin crews. Bruner is on one and I’m on the other. The frequency agility of the DCR822 means that if someone on camera goes from his set to my set wearing a body pack, we can pre-coordinate that. We don’t have to change the pack or interrupt the action at all. The same features also make it very easy for people listening on IFB to switch between Bruner’s set and mine.”